AdviceOS currently integrates with the systems shown below.

In addition, our open API enables integration with multiple platforms and systems. Click here to view our API documentation.

Class logo


Class Portfolio is the pioneer in Australia’s cloud-based wealth accounting and corporate compliance software. Their vision is to transform the way accountants do work by delivering innovative solutions that automate manual workloads, and drive high levels efficiency and scalability.

This integration allows fund and holding data to be transferred from Class to populate and update investment holding data in AdviceOS.

Inherit Australia

Inherit Australia is at the forefront of estate planning and offers a unique and holistic lawyer agnostic solution. This integration provides Midwinter clients with new and efficient ways to facilitate estate planning services. 

The integration allows for the seamless flow of client data from Midwinter financial advice software to Inherit Australia’s estate planning platform.

Click here to watch a recorded webinar about this integration.

Moneysoft logo


Moneysoft is a leading provider of personal financial management (PFM) technology for the financial services industry. Moneysoft’s integrated digital fact find is an automated data collection technology solution providing financial service providers greater efficiency, streamlined client engagement and improved compliance.

The integration between Midwinter’s AdviceOS and Moneysoft’s Fact Find allows clients to seamlessly push and pull data between the two systems, while advisers can control which system data is populated and used as the source of truth.

Click here to watch our on-demand webinar about this integration.


myprosperity is a leading client portal solution for accountants and advisers.

This integration allows advisers to pull client data including personal details, entities, associates, relationships, assets, and liabilities from myprosperity into AdviceOS with the click of a button. 

Click here to watch our on-demand webinar about this integration.

Omnium logo


Omnium is a specialised life insurance software and research firm.

One of two insurance comparison data engine options available in the AdviceOS Insurance Comparison module, the robust Omnium API will search more than 90 insurance providers to find options that match your client’s criteria.

Click here to find out more about this integration.

Worksorted logo


Worksorted is an intuitive CRM, workflow and revenue management solution made for Financial Advisers. 

The integration allows users of both systems to automatically sync and update client records in Midwinter’s financial planning solution, AdviceOS, when an update is made in Worksorted.

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